Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nikon vs Canon ..... heads-on

The legendary war between Nikon & Canon .... it was there even before the first world war .... and its still here as i am writing this Blog ... 

Well so whats new in this blog .... well lately i have done something not regular .... As most people know i am one loyal Nikon user .... i bought Canon 7D mark II .... why ? because now i want to explore the other side of the window .... As my most countryman yelling about Canon all the time .... and act as a die hard fan .... so want to see whats so much special about Canon ....

(Note: This comparison is only for the sensor performance .... nothing more .... i am not comparing 7D mark II AF system or any other parameter with Nikon)

So buying canon body is not the only thing i did .... you need lenses .... for normal usage i have the famous lens that almost all canon user have with their full frame bodies hooked up all the time .... 24-105mm f/4L lens .... but over the crop body of 7Dmk2 i am not able to get the most from the lens due to the crop factor of 1.6

Any ways ... lets cut to the chase ....

Today i have compared the 7Dmk2 crop body sensor with Nikon D750 !!!!! ...... wait a min .... how can i compare the crop body with full frame body ??????  Right ...!!!!

Well first off .... i dont have any Nikon crop body .... sold my D7100 long time back .... and then i have done something extra with D750 .... i have used my D750 full frame body in "DX" (crop mode) so instead of using the 36x24mm of the sensor area .... camera only use the 24x16mm sensor area which behaves exactly like the crop body in terms of Dynamic Range and ISO performance etc etc

I have used the famous Nikon wide angle lens 14-24mm f/2.8G lens which is the optical marvel in our present time and delivers the sharpest details across all the aperture values. So that lens is works fine over the Nikon body and deliver all the lens EXIF details from the lens CPU to the camera body which you will find the RAW file that i will be sharing in the end of this blog.

What about using this lens over the Canon body?  ....

Well for that i have used special adaptor which is called "Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter" using which you can use any Nikon lens (G-Type or D-Type) over Canon body. The beauty of using this adapter is, you can control the aperture opening. Obviously you cannot dial-in the exact aperture value like f/4 or f/8 etc .... but you can easily dial f/2.8 or f/16  .... by fully open or fully close the aperture ..... sweet right :D ... well for other value, you needs practice ... thats all i can say ....

Here is the link for this adaptor along with the details ...

Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter

So ones you mount the adapter over the canon body, you can easily mount the Nikon lens on it and then start shooting.... obviously you not able to see the aperture value which you need to manual adjust by moving the blue knob (showed in the video how to do it) .... but i was kind a surprise to see the 7Dmk2 internal camera meters the scene and was telling about the scene for its exposure. Based on that i had adjusted my ISO & Shutter speed which you see in the below images ....

After i have adjusted my Nikon D750 into DX mode i have shot some sample images and then shot the same scene with canon 7D mark II ..... used the same lens Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 on both bodies ... and used the same  Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed for the shots .... lets start looking at the images below .... note that the images on the left is from Canon 7D mark II and the one at the right side is from D750 (in DX mode).

Images at left from Canon 7D mark II & right from Nikon D750

at 100% Zoom 

So you can all witness the Canon 7D mark II sensor performance here from the above images. I tried to be neutral as much as i can but still if you guys have any doubt ... I am sharing the RAW files of these 2 images (one from Canon & one from Nikon) to play with and see the result by yourself  and see who is the winner .... its you photographers who going to decide .... Not me :D

I also shot a small video for this test that i had done using Nokia Lumia 1020 :)  ... you can watch that video using below link

Testing Canon 7D mark II sensor

In the end i like to add one note here. The newly announce Canon MP monster 5DS/5DSR are both build on the same pixel pitch of 7D mark II which is "4.1┬Ám" . So if you think 7D mark II sensor is not upto the mark when it comes to recovering the details from underexpose images ... Then dont expect much from 5DS/5DSR due to the same pixel density.

You can download the sample RAW files & the above comparison images in Hi-Resolution using below link.

Sample RAW Files from Canon & Nikon

Thanks for reading this blog. Hope you guys fine this blog informative.

Happy Learning Guys !!!

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